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Depperschmidt Family Reunion
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The Depperschmidt family reunion was held on Nov. 24 at the Best Western in Great Bend. The family thanks the Best Western for a safe environment for their family get together. Mandy Huntley of Great Bend and Jennifer Wendel of Holcomb provided the cooking. Mary Depperschmidt of Great Bend and Charles Depperschmidt of LaCrosse made the reunion possible. Joan Fincher of LaCrosse provided transportation.
Those attending were: Ronnie, Meghan Lloyd, Tanner, Sadie and Lexi of Haysville; Robert and Kim, Josh, Zack and Sara Sawyer, James and Mandy, James III and Shyanne Huntley, Mercedes Barlow, Mark and Mandy Beasley and baby, Mack and Debbie and Jewelia Depperschmidt, Charlie Depperschmidt, Tyler Depperschmidt, Jamie Hatfield, Michele, Nathan and Morgan Better, and Mary Depperschmidt, all of Great Bend; Lucas and Jennifer, Jaykob and Logun Wiendel of Garden City; Charles Depperschmidt, Rick and Mary Depperschidt and Anna and Joanne Fincher, all of LaCrosse; Shayla and Kaylle and Lyton Depperschmidt of Harper; Dale and Judy and Shiloa Blankenship and friend Jenda and Dylon, Jacob and Logan Cox, all of Pratt; Ann and Rob, Zachary, Keeley and Ryleigh Givens, of Stockton; Ronee Burton and friend Alex of Topeka; and Mikia and Sara, Shandra and Michela Eller of Hoisington.