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Thirty-three years of marriage brings many blessings
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The day after Christmas is one of my favorite days of the year. No, it is not because of the highly touted after Christmas sales. It is because 33 years ago today I was married to John Krug. We had a simple wedding; I made my dress and we bought John a new suit. My sister, Delma, and John’s brother, Phil, completed our wedding party. My cousin played the organ and the pastor’s wife sang “Color My World.”  Our fifty guests included family who extended their holiday visit and close friends who made a road trip to Hanover on a chilly December 26th.
So where did those 33 years go? I cannot begin to count the blessings we have had during our marriage. The places we have lived and the friends we have made are special memories. We had three healthy babies who have grown into caring and compassionate young adults. We are enjoying good health and have so much more to be thankful for.
So how will we celebrate our special day?  Well, if you know John and me, if the temperature is above freezing, we will be out cranking some miles on our tandem bike. We finished our goal for 2010 and are anxious to get started on next years adventure. If the weather is uncooperative, we will most likely do something with the kids. After all, our two older kids who are married chose December 27th and 28th for their wedding days, so now we celebrate “anniversary week” at our house.
I hope this holiday season has given your family some unhurried time to enjoy simple pleasures. Maybe it is a family game or puzzle going on in the family room or singing carols around the piano. Whatever helps create special memories for your family is exactly what you need to take time to do.  
As 2010 comes to an end I hope you are giving some thought to things you want to accomplish in 2011. The Kansans Optimizing Health Program that John and I have led focuses on the “Action Plan” concept to meet goals for the future. Here is how an action plan works. Find something you “want” to do.  Make sure “it” is something achievable and action specific. For example, losing weight is not an action or behavior, but avoiding snacks between meals is; losing weight is the result of the actions. Answer the questions: What? How much? When? How often? Finally make sure that you have a confidence level of 7 or more (on a scale of 10) that you will succeed in meeting your action plan.
Happy New Year!