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Where we are and what I know
Dam Witt

Opposition to the solar panels being built by Acciona Energy from Spain continues to gain momentum. I am going to tell you what I know and hope that each of you contacts Governor Kelly and Brad Loveless of the Wildlife/Parks. A groundswell of individual outrage is about the only thing that we can do on a personal level.

The area leased up by Acciona was carefully planned. If their area is 1 inch outside the perimeter of the marsh, it does not meet the definition of protected territory. Their leases are about 10 yards from the edge of our beautiful and sacred marsh. I think not making contingent land that is a vital part of the flyway was an oversight by the crafters of that statute.  

There is an amazing massive gag order on the Department of Wildlife/Parks, game wardens, and other individuals who are personally horrified. Other contingent agencies and even educational entities have fallen in step. This is probably the worst and most uncivilized and unfair thing happening. Lots of people are adamantly opposed to this project and understand the horrible consequences but they are limited by the government and/or their employment agreement from expressing their ideas. This seems un-American to me. Sadly, nobody seems to care about the birds.

Let me say that again, sadly, nobody seems to care about the birds. They are preaching environmental excellence and killing Whooping Cranes and other migrating species. Seems like someone isn’t living up to their job description. I hope we can put enough daylight into the process to perhaps alter the outcome.

This is a back-door tactic used by many powerful entities and is NOT FAIR!!!

I will tell you what I have done and encourage you to do similar. I have written letters to Senators Moran and Marshall and included the excellent, detailed letter from Audubon. I have contacted Rep. Tory Marie Blew. I have written letters to Governor Kelly and Brad Loveless who is secretary of the Department of Wildlife and Parks.

I am completely dumbfounded that the Department of Wildlife and Parks has managed the Bottoms for so long and is not screaming its head off to protect the birds and the marsh. The Wildlife Commissioners also have not spoken. This is so far off their job description that I can’t comprehend it.

I am writing a letter to the editor of the major newspapers in Kansas and am in contact with a television station that may be interested in doing an investigative piece.

Please join in this effort in whatever capacity you feel comfortable. Apparently the American Indians have a position in opposition to this project. I have not spoken to anyone to confirm that report. I hope that is true! It could be powerful!

There were several Whooping Cranes at Quivira Refuge recently. We wish them well!!!

Otherwise, our marsh is dry, and not much rain is forecast. I haven’t caught a fish yet – getting anxious. My friend tilled my garden yesterday – I have some seeds and plants that are getting eager.

The world just seems tilted – I am worried about our birds and marsh. They deserve better.

Here’s a couple of fun pictures!


Doctor Dan Witt is a retired physician and nature enthusiast. He can be reached at