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Who Knows What????
Marsh Musings
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Harvest is here. Combines, trucks, chaff and grain. Kansas big heart is beating in the hot sun and wind. The heritage of history to support our families and validate the wisdom of our forefathers who risked everything to come here is palpable and visible in the faces of our farmers. It is religious to watch this process draw families, neighbors, custom-cutting visitors and friends together to process the harvest. It was nail-biting to get the rain and risk not getting into the fields in time. Kansas seems to grin at that possibility and solved the problem with 100 degrees and 30 mph wind to create a blow torch to dry the ground. The collective sigh of relief echoed across our land. The crop is decent and life is good. It won’t be long before the 3 day exodus to Colorado for vacation will occur and then we will hurry back to get to work. I have learned lots about character and diligence from these farmers.
Did I say “wind”? Kansas is famous for wind. It turns over 18 wheelers on the interstate. It joins the sun to process the harvest. It moves dirt from Kansas to Nebraska and Oklahoma and back again. It shapes our trees-- you can see trees bent to the north in response to the prevailing south wind. It dries our ponds and the Bottoms. It is amazing how much water evaporates on a hot windy day. It ruins our golf games more than we expect. In the evening it is a cool addition to a beverage on the deck. She is fickle beyond belief.
Cattle are interesting in the hot wind. These animals huddle together on the south fence-- most have their rear ends toward the wind. Some wade in the ponds (which also gives relief from heel flies) for hours. Bulls seem to resign themselves to solitary survival away from the herd. I have watched cattle from my childhood. It occurred to me that there is probably a human lesson in their behavior, but I never have been able to figure it out. I quit thinking about that several years ago. They are inscrutable.
The summer solstice is here, and days now begin to get shorter. It is not long until dove season and football will be upon us. We sure live in a great place!!!