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Workshop explores family history writing
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Hoisington Public Library, 169 S. Walnut, will host “Moment by Moment: Family History Writing Workshop,” a workshop by Kim Stanley 5:30 p.m. Sept. 26. Members of the community are invited to attend the free program. The program is made possible by Humanities Kansas.

Genealogical records tell us a great deal, but they sometimes lack the personal details that communicate just how interesting families can be. Adding stories to genealogy can make family history more vivid and more likely to be read by future generations. In this workshop, participants are encouraged to write family history in story form. 

Kim Stanley teaches writing and literature and is the chair of the department of modern languages at McPherson College.

“I love helping people tell their stories,” says Stanley. “Writing is how we make sense of our world, and how we pass it on to others.”

“Moment by Moment: Family History Writing Workshop” is part of Humanities Kansas’s Movement of Ideas Speakers Bureau, featuring presentations and workshops designed to share stories that inspire, spark conversations that inform, and generate insights that strengthen civic engagement.