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BCC spring graduates
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Barton Community College has announced its list of graduates who earned associate degrees or certificates for career training during the spring semester of 2018.

Local students are: Albert: Spencer Ewy, A.S.; Claflin: Kylee Girard, A.S.; Ellinwood: Phylleicia Clawson, Practical Nursing Certificate, Brittni Day, A.S., Stacy Kimuyu, Practical Nursing Certificate, Tonya Pike, A.A.S., Abbie Reichuber, A.S., Alexander Robl, A.A., Kelsea Ward, A.A.S.; Ellsworth: Ethan Haase, A.S., Emmy Kempke, A.S.; Geneseo: Christina Hedberg, A.A.S.; Great Bend: Kelsie Antcliff, A.S., Julie Becker, A.A.S., Dodger Beckham, A.A., Marcus Brown, A.A.S., Babara Camara, A.S., Malia Clark, Practical Nursing Certificate, Zachary Clothier, A.S., Caitlin Cross, A.A.S., Jacqueline Enriquez, A.S., Luis Espino, A.S., Lakin Funk, A.S., Daniella Gabrieli-Vasquez, Practical Nursing Certificate, Austin George, A.A.S., Javier Guerra, Welding Technology Certificate, Ethan Henderson, A.S., Ayleen Hernandez, Practical Nursing Certificate, Alexis James, A.S., Emily Johnson, A.A.S., Andrea Ketch, A.A.S., Ryan King, A.S., Allison Levingston, A.A.S., Austin Levingston, A.A., Jessica Loera, A.A., Rotsiniaina Manase, A.S., Jared Maneth, A.S., Iban Martinez, Welding Technology Certificate, Marisela Mata, A.S., Alvin McCray, A.A., Austin McHenry, A.A.S., Jason Mckenzie, A.S., Brady Michel, A.S., Elsi Miller, A.S., Taylor Mohr, Practical Nursing Certificate, Eden Mulligan, Practical Nursing Certificate, Devon Nelson, A.A.S., Hector Olivas, Natural Gas Transmission and Distribution Technology Certificate, Isai Olivas, A.S., Angela Pando, A.A.S., Shelby Poncin, A.A.S., Antonio Quiroz, Welding Technology Certificate, Melissa Ramirez, A.A.S., Maria Ramirez Balderrama, A.S., Rebecca Rebel, A.A.S., Bethany Reiser, A.S., Jasmine Reyes, A.A.S., Christian Rivas, A.A., Justin Roach, A.A.S., Victoria Rodriguez, A.S., Magdiel Rodriguez Gonzalez, A.S., Caitlin Schilowsky, Practical Nursing Certificate, Monica Schuermann, A.A.S., Cameron Starnes, A.A.S., Karah Stewart, Practical Nursing Certificate, Kole Stiner, Natural Gas Transmission and Distribution Technology Certificate, Jordan Stoulil, A.S., Jessika Stroud, A.A.S., Omar Talamantes, Natural Gas Transmission and Distribution Technology Certificate, Masen Torres, A.S., Breanna Towers, A.A.S., Passion Umphrey, A.S., Jennifer Uridel, A.S., Ana Velazco, Practical Nursing Certificate, Roxanne Wilkening, Mental Health Technician Certificate, Liyu Williams, A.S., Kelly Wilson, A.A.S., Sheena Wysong, A.A.S.; Hoisington: Alexis Boeck, A.S., Heather Lamb, A.A.S., Jessica Lindsey, A.A.S., Bradley Reif, A.S., Melissa Stout, A.S.; Holyrood: Vanessa Watson, A.A.S.; Kinsley: Heather Gonzales, Dietary Manager Certificate; Larned: Jorden Drimmel, A.S., Rebecca Griffin, A.A., Rico McCall, Mental Health Technician Certificate, Sydney Niemeyer, Practical Nursing Certificate, Isiah Perez, A.S., Khristopher Pierce, Practical Nursing Certificate, Australia Schartz, A.A.S., Heather Smith, A.A.S., Hypatia Wallis, A.A.S., Lauren Wyant, A.A.S.; Lindsborg: Brix Brickey, A.A.; Lyons: Audra Julian, A.A.; Raymond: Yvonna Lee, Practical Nursing Certificate; Rush Center: Marissa Wagner, Practical Nursing Certificate; Russell: Deanna Gray, A.A., Seth Gruber, A.A., Julie Keller, A.A.S., Susanne Yarmer, A.A.S.; St. John: Karla Frink, A.A.S., Caleb Rudy, A.S.; Stafford: Alyson Caley, A.S.; Wilson: Angela Masden, Practical Nursing Certificate, Rebecca Reeves, A.A.S.