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Ellinwood buys pickup for Street Department
City property to be divided
icy main Jan. 2020
Ice on Main Street Great Bend, Friday, Jan. 17, 2020. - photo by Daniel Kiewel

The Ellinwood City Council approved the purchase of a pickup and a truck flatbed for the Ellinwood Street Department Tuesday. The truck they are now using is in bad shape and always in need of repairs, City Manager Chris Komarek said.

“The pickup used in the Street Department primarily for mowing is needing replaced,” Komarek said. “It’s a 1997 model and has a dump bed, which is very useful, especially when mowing. In recent years, this truck has been in the shop numerous times for repairs and the interior of the cab and body is in very bad condition. City staff would like to purchase a good used pickup and place a flatbed on it with a lift.” 

This truck was placed in the 2019 budget for replacement but staff feels there is funding available in 2018. 

Komarek said Street Department staff located several pickups at Foust Fleet Sales in Topeka. Staff’s recommendation was a 2011 F-250 that has 28,940 miles and a 6.2-liter engine, for $19,900. Staff also recommended purchasing the 210 series South Fork dumping bed for $4,950. The current pickup has been in service with Street Department for 20 years. It was purchased brand new.

Small Cell Tower

Council members discussed the need for a small cell tower. According to Komarek, as technology increases, especially with G4 and G5 broadband, there is a need for more infrastructure improvements from wireless companies. One improvement that is becoming popular is the installation of small wireless facilities, also known as small cell towers. The word “small” in this case refers to the service area where coverage is offered, not the antenna or equipment size itself. The purpose of a small cell wireless facility is to provide coverage in areas where there are no broadband-level services.

Property lines

At the June 2018 meeting, council discussed the vacant lot owned by the City at 507 East Second Street. The lot has very little value due to a storm sewer running diagonally across it. 

There is a need clear up some other property lines in that block and options were discussed to help with those property corrections. It was council’s desire to have the property surveyed showing an easement through it for the existing storm sewer. That easement proposal has now been completed. 

It was decided to divide this piece of property between the two adjacent homeowners to bring the property lines in that block to their proper places. 

Service awards

Service awards were presented to the following city employees for their years of service to the City of Ellinwood:

Bob Baker – 10 years – Fire Department

Andy Kirkpatrick – 5 years – Fire Department

Matt Petersen – 5 years – Ambulance Department