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Flowers for all
Local student gives flowers to classmates
Molly Kaiser, senior at Great Bend High School gave out 38 dozen roses to her female classmates as part of her doing something special on Valentines Day.

A local high school student went out of her way to give back to her fellow classmates at Great Bend High School on Thursday. Molly Kaiser wanted to do something special for Valentine’s Day, so she arranged to give a rose to every girl in her school. 

“I wanted everyone to feel loved and important this Valentine’s Day,” Kaiser said.

She paid for one-third of the 38 dozen roses ordered and for the rest she got sponsors. Dillons gave her a good rate on the flowers in order to make all this happen, Kaiser said.

“We are so proud of her,” Molly’s father Leonard Kaiser said. “She is so selfless in helping other people. She wanted to make sure that every girl got something for Valentine’s Day; she understands that not every girl will get something for Valentine’s Day.

The flowers were handed out during an assembly at the high school on Thursday.