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It is time for wind and ducks

This wind is just awful for most outdoor activities. I get cabin fever pretty quickly but I do enjoy spending time here with Sandra. We have a good time playing bridge online (one very positive thing about the COVID restrictions) and cooking wild game with a lean toward a modified Keto diet. I have slowly over many years learned about the benefits of moderation so I have not made a huge commitment to Keto, but with that diet and my exercise program, I’ve dropped a few pounds. 

A few birds are starting to migrate into and through the Bottoms. This wind makes it a lot faster, I think. It won’t be long before the shorebirds and Whoopers start showing up and then we will be busy. 

Don’t forget about the DU banquet on March 11, 2021. Call Kim for tickets – this will be a good one!

I’m sorry to admit that I can’t be there. I am accepting an invite from a patient when I was working (I met and cherish so many people from those years!) that lives in a retirement community with an awesome crappie fishing spot in Texas. He lived in Pratt and we wore out a few spots around here before he retired. Russell can conjure up a crappie out of a mud hole, and I am eager to renew our relationship. 

I have been concentrating on old cameras and film as you may have seen on my Facebook page. I have a renewed interest in black and white film. My friend Randy Akings and I have sort of jumped into the pond and both have darkrooms to develop negatives and print our own pictures. It takes a little bit to figure it out and we probably are having too much fun! He lives in KC so we don’t get to do enough together, but we sure do visit a lot.   

In connection with the black and white film, I have made a firm commitment to share the old homes and landscapes, and sites in our area with greeting cards. Yours Truly Gift and Flower Shoppe on Lakin street in Great Bend has agreed to sell the cards. 

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do taking and developing them. If you have a site that is special to you, give me a call and we will get a picture. The wildlife pictures will also be there. These ladies are terrific!

I hope this COVID thing is about over. I got my second shot at the Expo Center. Cheers to all those dedicated health care workers that made it happen. We have lots to be thankful for, and at the same time, I miss those friends that COVID stole from us. 

They are burning the Bottoms. It will make our duck seasons much better! Cheers again to all those dedicated people at the Bottoms and thanks to DU and the Nature Conservancy for helping make it happen. Support those organizations!   

Start exercising to get in shape because the spring is almost on us and it will take serious effort to keep up with it!


Doctor Dan Witt is a retired physician and nature enthusiast. You can reach him at