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Marshall delivers

UPS had a special delivery person on Tuesday when Congressman Roger Marshall took a tour of the UPS facility in Great Bend and helped deliver some packages to the Central Care Cancer Center and Great Bend Regional Hospital.

“It is great to be back in Great Bend,” Marshall said. “It is a pleasure to visit the UPS facility here in our town. UPS is celebrating 111th anniversary today and they do so much for their employees by giving back to them.”

Marshall mentioned that UPS is a successful company and it keeps that status because of what it does for its employees. It gives back to employees through the tax relief the company has seen this year.

“We are here celebrating tax relief. UPS is one of the companies that helped their employees with the tax relief plan by sharing it with them,” Marshall said. “This helps grow the company as a whole. They help keep their company strong by helping their most important resource, which is their employees.”

Being a congressman, Marshall visits with a lot of people and leaders of companies needing help in one form or another. However, Marshall said that UPS has never come to him for anything.

“All UPS wants in a strong infrastructure, good roads and bridges, and a solid foundation to work from,” Marshall said. “That is all we can ask for — solid companies in America.”

Marshall is in Great Bend visiting with family, friends and businesses before returning to Washington.