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May marriage and divorce filings
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Marriage licenses
Kenneth Keeling, Attica and Shelley Martin, Great Bend
Brent Schwartz, Great Bend and Allison Leathers, Great Bend
Kyle Hatch, Great Bend and Amber Greene, Great Bend
Victor Vasquez, Greeley, Colo. and Sonia Garcia, Greeley, Colo.
John Hutchinson, Great Bend and Linda Tanner, Loveland, Colo.
Kyle Walter, Great Bend and Renee Leah, Great Bend
Brady Demel, Hoisington and Rebecca Harman, Hoisington
Jose Gamez, Great Bend and Michelle Gonzalez, Great Bend
Angel Montaya, Ellinwood and Heather Smith, Ellinwood
Kreyton Demel, Garden City and Hannah Kircher, Garden City
Mark Kennedy, Ellsworth and Emily Seiwart, Great Bend
Garret Mallow, Great Bend and Danyelle Allison, Great Bend
Shawn Mossberg, Ellinwood and Amanda Drewel, Ellinwood
Trevor Olsen, Great Bend and Tonya Meeter, Great Bend
Steven Favfla, Great Bend and Mayra Hernandez, Great Bend

Divorce filings
William Rosenberg vs Jinny Rosenberg
Jonya Dusing vs Robert Dusing
Juan Lugo Pasillas vs Itzamar Jasquez
Shelby Dalton vs Joshua Barnedt
Evelyn Reiser-Kaiser vs Gerald Kaiser
Alexander Romans vs Ashley Romans