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News safety signs in place at intersection
County gearing up for summer road projects
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The new, larger, traffic signs are in place at 30 Road and Washington Avenue north of Great Bend. - photo by DALE HOGG Great Bend Tribune

 The new signs have been installed at the intersection of 30 Road and Washington Avenue, the site of a fatal crash that killed 18-year-old Shealee A. Stover on April 17, County Works Director Darren Williams reported to the Barton County Commission Monday morning.

These include larger, 48-inch stop signs, larger “Cross Traffic Does Not Stop” signs and larger “Stop Ahead” signs, all with ultra-high grade reflectivity. 

In earlier action, on May 21, the commission changed the speed limit at the junction, extending the 45 mph zone a half mile north of the corner. Prior to the change, the speed limit on Washington jumped from 45 miles per hour south of 30 Road to 55 north of it.  

The same new speed also applies to 30 Road a half mile west of the corner and from the corner east to U.S. 281.

In addition, white stop bars were installed on 30 Road to better delineate where to stop. And, rumble strips on 30 Road were recut to be wider, and a third set of strips was added on 30 Road east of the intersection.

This is the intersection where family members of the victim sought to have a four-way stop installed. While the commission stopped short of that, commissioners said they would continue to monitor the area and see if further improvements would be warranted.

Williams’ report was part of the bi-weekly county departmental update presented by County Administrator Phil Hathcock. Other highlights included:

Road and Bridge

• Installed markings for a crosswalk at Hoisington, near the Activity Center. This was part of a grant received by the Health Department.

• Venture has been at the Great Bend pit mixing 25,000 ton of cold mix for the county for strip patching on SE 20 Avenue. The department is using the new planer to grind off the approach at Ellinwood bridge.

• Equipment is being readied for asphalt season. Work will begin in June.

• Installed culverts for field entrances throughout the county.

County Engineer Barry McManaman

• The Engineering Office assistant did research and compiled records in regard to emergency funds distributed by the state for repairs done by the county in 2015 after a flooding event. 

• The Engineering Department is doing inspection work on the bridge replacement project on East Barton County Road just east of Great Bend. L&M has finished driving the steel piling and placed concrete in one pier.

• Participated in meetings and did research and field layout for the signing and speed limit changes at North Washington Avenue/30 Road.

• Cartographer Bj Wooding is working on NextGen 911 and census data.

• Looked at a township road right of way issue and the Cartographer provided maps for clarification.

• The cartographer provided maps to the Register of Deeds for the memorial parks.

Memorial Parks

• Mowing season has started. The county is spraying weeds along the fence row and on the roads at both memorial parks.  

County Treasurer Jim Jordan

• Treasurer’s Office remodel has been completed. 

• Banking is current. 

• Distribution for June is completed 

• Checks have been distributed for the Neighborhood Revitalization Program. 

• All property tax payments are applied. 

• Oil tax garnishments are applied as they are received

Motor Vehicle

• Issued disabled placards - 34

• Issued park permits - 32 

• Title work - 271

• Renewed tags - 2385

Juvenile Services Director Marissa Woodmansee

• Day staff were provided training in regard to Senate Bill 367.

The Legislature in 2016 enacted SB 367, which was intended to reduce the number of low-level juvenile offenders incarcerated in the state. The law also required local school districts and law enforcement to work together beginning July 1 of this year to place those juveniles in community-based services rather than in out-of-home corrections facilities where they may not receive appropriate treatment. 

• Juvenile Intake and Assessment has completed 31 intakes since May 2.

• Juvenile Intensive Supervised Probation and Case Management is currently supervising 46 youth post adjudication with an additional three on pre-adjudication supervision.

• Project Stay is the Case Management program for youth who have truancy issues and currently provides Case Management for 22 youth in the 20th Judicial District.

• Immediate Intervention (Diversion Supervision) has 48 youth currently participating in the program.