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15 and pregnant
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Editor’s note: This is the second story in a series of stories about teen pregnancy. This month, we are talking to the mother of a 15 year old who just recently learned that her daughter is pregnant. We will call her Jane.

"I was not happy about it, but my biggest concern is for her," said Jane (not her real name) about learning her daughter was pregnant. "At 15, she’s definitely not ready.

"When I got confirmation, I was really scared for her and everything she has to go through," Jane said,with tears in her eyes.

"I feel like she’ll do a fine job," said the teen’s mother. But, "she doesn’t know she’s not ready for this."

Jane found out about the baby when her daughter was about four weeks along. "I’m glad she was comfortable telling me," said Jane, because some parents don’t find out until much later.

This journey was not one that Jane had planned on. She has dreams for her child and realizes her life will change as well.

"For a couple of years, I’ll be raising another child," said Jane. "Financially, it will affect me."

Sarah(not her real name) wanted to move into her own home, but Jane said, "Let me help you." Jane wants Sarah to graduate from high school and go on to college. She knew it would be very difficult if Sarah had to pay rent and would have the responsibility for running a household.

Jane is also scared for Sarah. She said, "There are so many things she has to face that I don’t want her to.

"She’s too young. She needs to be a kid for awhile longer before she takes on this responsibility," said Jane.

Jane knows her own life will be changed. She does not feel like there is anything she could have changed because she did not have custody of Sarah at the time.

"Sarah came to me when she needed me," said Jane.

Sarah has quit smoking and drinking. "I’m lucky she is mature enough to take care of herself to take care of the baby," said Jane.

With all the social pressure, Jane said she sees it is as unrealistic in today’s society to expect people to wait until marriage to have sex, although that would have been nice. She does wish Sarah would have waited longer.

She is proud of the way Sarah is handling this pregnancy, but continues to be scared for her. Sarah has so many things she has to face that Jane doesn’t want her too.

"I’ll be here for what she needs," said Jane.