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Local girl cast to play part in movie
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Abygail Arnold will be in a movie with actor Richard Bryant, best known for his role in Lifetimes Army Wives. Arnold and her family will go to the premiere of the movie, which is scheduled for release next summer. - photo by COURTESY PHOTO

Lights! Camera! Action! Words that most of us have heard only on television or in movies. But for one six year old Great Bend girl, it was reality.
 Abygail Arnold is playing a part in a movie titled “Vanished”, about a nine year old girl who is abducted in broad daylight and how her family struggles to survive the after-math.
 The movie is being produced by Candy Beard, CEO and executive director of Dreams Come True Films, LLC. Filming for “Vanished” started in February in Terra Haute, Ind., and will continue filming until February 2014. “Vanished” is scheduled for release in August 2014.
 Abygail, and her mother Amy Arnold, and her brother Alex Arnold, spent August 3 and 4, and August 10 and 11 in Indiana for the filming.
 Abygail is in four scenes as the friend of the abducted girl’s little sister. Scenes featuring Abygail include: a pageant, memorial, sleep-over and breakfast scene. In addition, Aby’s brother Alex plays in the memorial scene as an extra.
 Playing in the pageant scene was re-enactment of reality for Abygail, as she has been in pageants, and recently was crowned 2013 Hoisington Labor Day Princess.
 The breakfast scene features actor Richard Bryant, best known for his five seasons as PVT Jeremy Sherwood on Lifetime’s “Army Wives”. Sherwood plays the lead in the movie, Chris Bennett, father of the missing child. Starring with him as the mother Carla Bennett, is Caitlin Smith.
 “It was exciting. The movie was filmed in the producer’s house,” said Amy Arnold, explaining there were microphones inside the house and the parents had to go outside quite a distance so they would not be heard on the recording of the film.
 Arnold explained that still shots were taken of the breakfast scene, with careful attention to each shaped pancake having the same bite in it in exactly the same spot.
 “By the time they got done it was twenty six different takes,” added Arnold.
 “Aby met four girls from ‘Toddlers and Tiaras.’ At the end of the day we would meet at the pool at the motel,” said Arnold. “We had a pizza party with Richard Bryant.”
 Abygail was chosen to be in the movie after sending modeling photos to the producer.
 In October Abygail will travel to Oklahoma City to model for Supermodel Magazine,  a leading publication for the pageant and modeling. Often referred to as the “Vogue” for pageant contestants, the publication covers talent and beauty competitions, and interview titleholders such as Miss Teen USA, Miss USA and Miss America.
 Abygail will also pursue her modeling career this summer when she attends a ten week summer class with Hoffman International Modeling and Talent Agency in Kansas City.
 Although she has been in the spotlight at such a young age, Abygail is a down-to-earth six-year-old.
 Regarding being a part of the movie experience, Abygail said, “It was fun. I got to swim and fake sleep and eat shaped pancakes.”
 When asked what the best part and the worst part of being in the movie was, the demure little girl looked up briefly and said, “The worst part was my mom going outside.”
 Then Abygail paused once again, smiled and said, “The best part was eating pancakes!”