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Appraiser staff stays busy in 2011
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(EDITOR’S NOTE: This is one in a series of articles updating Barton County government projects for 2011.)

Each season of the year has a busy time for the Barton County Appraiser’s Office staff and County Appraiser Barbara Konrade reported that 2011 was no different.
The year opened when, on Jan. 4, the Barton County Appraiser’s Office mailed personal property and oil and gas renditions.
In the spring, the Appraiser’s Office held approximately 200 informal meetings to discuss real estate valuations.
Then, on June 15, the Appraiser’s Office certified all 2011 values to the county clerk, Konrade explained. 
The work continued in the months that followed, she explained. “In the summer, the Appraiser’s Office field staff measured, listed and took pictures of 17 percent of the parcels in the county. 
“Each year, 17 percent of the parcels are recollected pursuant to KSA 79-1476. 
“Barton County consists of approximately 18,000 parcels of real estate, 1,400 oil and gas leases and 4,000 personal property renditions.”
The county staff also opened a new tool for the taxpayers during the year, she reported. “Another provision of the Orion system is ORKA – Open Records for Kansas Appraisers. 
“Provided to the county at no cost from the Kansas Property Valuation Department, this website offers data on-line about the property characteristics, ownership data, maps and more about all parcels located in Barton County. 
“A viewer can click on the parcel search on Barton County’s web page or click on ORKA on the appraiser’s module within the site.
“This allows users to access open records at anytime. 
“Current users have expressed their satisfaction with the new site,” Konrade commented.