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Arts Council returning to its roots
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Anyone who wants a voice in the future of art in Barton County is invited to attend the Barton County Arts Council’s annual meeting, at 7 p.m. Thursday, June 27, at the Arts Center, located at 1401 Main in Great Bend. It’s free and open to the public.
Dr. Rick Abel, president of the Barton County Arts Council, said the group could have a new focus after this year’s meeting, because more emphasis will be placed on community involvement.
“We want to present some ideas,” Abel said. It’s a “Returning to our Roots” plan, a return to the original purpose of the non-profit organization, as stated in its original bylaws.
When most people think about the Barton County Arts Council, they think about the gallery in Great Bend. But the Arts Council wasn’t intended to simply produce art, but to promote the fine and performing arts and artists as well.
“We’ve been producing the arts,” Abel said. “We need to be advocates for the arts.”
So, while the organization will continue to offer exhibits and events, Abel said he’d like to see members take on a more supporting role. “The arts council can help with publicity, space and grant writing,” for example. Groups may be formed to represent art teachers, dancers or other subgroups.
“Everybody can get involved,” Abel said, noting the annual meeting is also a membership drive. “We want to see artists and art enthusiasts as we work toward some plan of action."