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ELLINWOOD — “Echo” by Kate Morgenroth. In the year since Justin’s younger brother, Mark, died in an accident, Justin’s life has unraveled, losing friends and confidence. Now Justin is hearing a voice that’s making him relive the day of the accident over and over. The author explores the thin line between reality and illusion inside a troubled young mind.
“Billie Standish Was Here” by Nancy Crocker. When it looks like a nearby levee might break and Billie’s elderly neighbor, Miss Lydia, is the only other person besides her family to stick around, a friendship is born out of circumstance. Can the love of one woman nearing that end of her life save the life of a young woman just at the beginning of living hers?
“Knife Edge” by Malorie Blackman. Persephone Hadley is six months pregnant with a mixed-race baby. In their society this fact alone will threaten the child’s life every day. To make matters worse, the baby’s father is dead, Callum, hanged for terrorism months ago. When Callum’s brother blames her for his death, will she be forced, once again, to take sides in a chilling racial drama?
“Secret Society” by Tom Dolby. Four students at the exclusive Chadwick School live in a world most teenagers only dream about. They didn’t ask to be part of a secret society, but when they are promised success and fame beyond belief they say yes to joining, and everything associated with the club. It’s all perfect until a body is found in Central Park, with the club’s tattoo.
“The Elite” by Kiera Cass. Thirty-five girls have been narrowed down to the Elite, and the competition to win Prince Maxon’s love is fiercer than ever. The closer America gets to the crown, the more she struggles to figure out where her heart truly lies. She is torn between a future with the Prince, and a longing for her first love, and her chance to choose is about to slip away.
“A Tale Dark and Grimm” by Adam Gidwitz. Turn these riveting pages, and learn the true story of Hansel and Gretel, the tale behind and beyond the bread crumbs, edible houses, and outwitted witches. It may be frightening, bloody, and it’s definitely not for the faint of heart. But unlike those other fairy tales you know, this one is true.
“Homesick” by Kate Klise. Benny’s dad has always like clutter, but now that his parents are splitting up, Benny’s dad begins hoarding everything from pizza boxes to old motorcycle parts. Now their town has been entered in America’s Most Charming Small Town contest, and the pressure is on to clean up. Homesick explores the challenges of living with difficult people in difficult times.
Sharon Sturgis is the librarian at the Ellinwood School/Community Library.