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ELLINWOOD — There are new books at the Ellinwood School/Community Library. They are:
“The Wolves of Midwinter” by Anne Rice. Reuben is a newly transformed wolf man, and from the shadows comes a ghost, tormented yet desperate for affection. As Reuben is caught up with the passions and yearnings of this spectral presence, astonishing secrets are revealed. These secrets tell of a strange netherworld, and ageless ones who possess dark magical powers.
“Bones of the Lost” by Kathy Reichs. When a dead body of a teenage girl is associated with a dead prominent business man, forensics anthropologist Temperance Brennan must use all her skill to solve a mystery connecting between the trafficking of antiquities and trafficking of humans. Soon she finds herself at the center of a conspiracy that reaches around the world.
“Odd Apocalypse” by Dean Koontz. Spirits reach out to enlist the aid of Odd Thomas, the unassuming young man whose gift is to see the shades of the restless dead, and to help them when he can. Now a beautiful woman spirit astride a ghostly mount reaches out desperately, and Thomas must probe the long-held secrets of a sinister estate and those who inhabit it.
“Fifteen Minutes” by Karen Kingsbury. Zack Dylan is has become the nation’s most popular contestant on the reality television show “Fifteen Minutes.” A country singer with the looks and voice of a young Elvis, he finds he is being asked to compromise his beliefs, and choices may lead him to personal disasters. Will his new found fame cause him to lose the life he once loved?
“Just One Evil Act” by Elizabeth George. Detective Sergeant Barbara Havers and her partner take on a complex kidnapping case, one that reveals secrets that could have far-reaching effects outside of the investigation. With both her job and a little girl’s life on the line, Barbara must decide what matters most and how far she’s willing to go to protect it.
“A Single Thread” by Marie Bostwick. Four diverse women form a strong sisterhood at quilting classes at a local quilt shop. As each stitches their unique creations, they form an extraordinary friendship, one that they’ll be grateful for when the unexpected provides a poignant reminder of the single thread that binds us all.
“The Distancers” by Lee Sandlin. From the nineteenth century immigrants who settle a small midwestern farm through post World War II, the authors expands his genealogy into a beautiful story of everyday American life. World events are recalled alongside the dramas of several generations of an American family.

Sharon Sturgis is the librarian at the Ellinwood School/Community Library.