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Chicken controversy continues to ruffle feathers;
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HOISINGTON —The Hoisington City Council on Monday met in regular session with the following present: Mayor Williamson, Councilmembers: Donovan, Farmer, Aylward, Sekavec, Andereck, VanBrimmer, Smith and Wilborn.  Also present: City Attorney Horner, City Manager Mitchell and City Clerk Crutcher.
The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.
The below are the unofficial minutes of the meeting:
In Petitions, Memorials, Calls to Public Patty Horton representing Hoisington Main Street Inc. addressed the Council concerning the July 5, 2014 street dance and activities for the kids.  She was requesting $500 of the Transient Guest Tax monies for advertisement and would be applying for a CMB License for the event, also. The dance would be held on Main Street between First and Second Streets. The proper permits would be obtained from KDOT to close from 2:00pm to 2:00 am July 5th & 6th that area of Main Street due to it be state highway. After further discussion on blocking off Main Street and traffic flow, it was decided to have a special meeting on Monday, June 16, 2014 to review these requests, if a quorum of the council could be obtained to have the meeting.
Brian Beaver, a citizen of Hoisington, requested a public apology or resignation of Donovan and Farmer. Mr. Donovan made implications in the Great Bend Post that if we approved chickens we would also have goats and pigs and everything else, and Mrs. Farmer also made that implication at the last council meeting. They came to Council to ask permission and felt like they were not treated as upstanding citizens.  He felt their comments were degrading and inappropriate as government officials.
Dean Andereck presented a utility marker post that has been laying in the street by Center St. and 9th Street. He stated it laid there for 30 days and felt an employee should have picked it up. The post was painted white and orange and used to recognize buried cable.
Unfinished business:
City Manager collected the 2015 budget priority goals form from the councilmembers. These forms are used as guidance the preparation of the 2015 budget.
Don Doerschlag, Code Enforcement Officer reviewed with the Governing Body the property at 178 S Walnut owned by Mark Smith. He stated two sides of the roof have been re-shingled and some of the personal belongings in the yard have been removed. He also noted the porch has not been replaced.
Stephens done the work and is not a licensed roofer in Hoisington and the permit was obtained under CDUB Construction.
Motion Sekavec second Aylward to extend the time to have this property repaired or removed to June 23rd. Motion carried.
Council reviewed an ordinance pertaining to parking on residential property in the City.
After discussion council ask for section 6 of the ordinance be revised and brought back for consideration.
Council reviewed the RFP’s for audit services for the city. It was consensus of council to moved forward with RFP’s.
The CIC Annual Renewal Agreement was discussed.  Motion Smith second Andereck to accept the renewal for $16,075.00 effective July 1, 2014. Motion carried.
Rental Licensing Program of International Property Maintenance Code (IPMC) was discussed. It addresses vacant properties as well as establishing minimum standards for property maintenance. It provides reasonable expectations for the care and upkeep of properties. Some communities have implemented a rental licensing program that creates a mechanism to license rental properties so that compliance is ensured and to provide a safety net for tenants in our community. It is consensus of the council to move forward with this process.
The police residency requirements were discussed. Motion Sekavec second VanBrimmer to approve the change in residency requirements for commissioned police officers, other than the Chief & Captain, to reside in Barton County with a 20 minutes response time to an emergency or alert. Motion carried.
The swimming pool was discussed. City Manager advised a number of test have been done to see where leak might be. The solution in finding the leak is not as easy as it looks. A commercial pool company is being called in. Employees were hired early on. At present only the two managers are being paid. Ways of funding a new pool was briefly discussed.
City Manager Updates:
•Received letter from attorney general along with Neighborhood Revitalization Program
approval. Also received about three pages of comments now in effect. The program will be filed with County appraiser.
•The new seasonal employee for Public works is Darin Poland. He will work parks and cemetery.
•Have ran an ad internally for Equipment Operator for Public works. Have had one applicant apply.
•Hoisington Recreation Director, Scott Goodheart has resigned as of early August, he is relocating to Pratt. So the Rec is looking for interested parties who might be interested in the director position.
•Rotomix- Continue to wait on the environmental status. The railroad tracks were discussed.
Seems to be no way of getting them fixed unless we come up with moneys.
•Mud Run was fair success. There is recap meeting coming up with the Chamber of Commerce.
•Circus was a success. They dedicated it to the Stoss Family and the Labor Day Clowns.
•Motion Sekavec second Farmer to approve Appropriation Ordinance No. 1378.
Roll Call: Voting Aye: Donovan, Farmer, Aylward, Sekavec, Andereck, VanBrimmer, Smith and Wilborn. Nay: None. Appropriation Ordinance No. 1378was adopted.