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City makes plans for McKenna Meadows
hoisington mckenna meadows map

HOISINGTON — At a lively meeting on Monday night, the Land Bank board and potential buyers in the new McKenna Meadows discussed layout of the subdivision.
The most popular layout  involved a single road into the subdivision, which allows for 11 lots.
City Manager Jonathan Mitchell announced that he has received completed applications and earnest money for three lots.
Minimum houses built in the addition must be a 1300 square foot home with a basement. Manufactured homes are prohibited. Properties 1-7 excluding 3 are available. Properties 3, 8, 9,10 and 11 cannot be built on until they are built up  out of the floor plain.
The Land Bank board also discussed covenants, which will be in effect for 25 years. The covenant allows for not more than two dogs or two cats.
The  property must include garages. They also must have an exterior finish such at stucco or brick. All of the cities zoning regulations are in effect.
The area will have gravel roads unless the residents want to pay for a concrete road. City Manager Jonathan Mitchell said that the property still has to be platted. “We’re looking for a spring build,” he said.