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City of Claflin holds meeting
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CLAFLIN — The public hearing for the 2014 budget for the Claflin City Council was held on Aug. 12. The mill levy decreased for 2014.  These are the unofficial minutes of this meeting and the regular city council.
$2500 for repairs for the tennis court in the park is a line item in the CI fund.  Larger transfers were built into the 2014 budget to build up the reserve funds.
After the hearing adjourned, the governing body of the City of Claflin met in regular session.  Present were: Mayor Michael Urban, Councilpersons Kirk Schneweis, Casey Hubbard, Doug Hubbard, Kelly Nixon and Dan Michaelis.  Also present were:  City Clerk Patricia Schmidt, Richard Hayes, Mel Waite, Toby Holmes, Kyle Smith, Jeff Wasson, Darin Martin, Jane and Dennis Dreiling and Curtis Kaiser.
D. Hubbard moved, Schneweis seconded, with all in favor, to approve the minutes from July 8, 2013.
Michaelis added flooding between 2nd and 3rd Streets on K-4 to the agenda.  Michaelis moved to approve the agenda.  C. Hubbard seconded with all in favor.
Schneweis moved to pay the August 2013 bills.  Nixon seconded with all in favor.  
Kyle Smith questioned if it’s okay to put a sidewalk right up to the property line.  By consensus this is all right.
The city has received quite a few complaints concerning patrons water usage.  Everybody uses more water in the summer, and with the water rate increase that went into effect the first of the year, people are noticing it more.
Michaelis moved to adopt the 2014 budget.  Nixon seconded with all in favor.
The owner of the property at 411 2nd Street, Tyler Allison, failed to attend the council meeting.  There has not been any work done on the house or property since the July meeting.  By council consensus, the city will mow the property and bill Mr. Allison.  C. Hubbard moved to draft the ordinance to raze the property at 411 2nd Street.  Nixon seconded with all in favor.
Due to increased costs to operate, Curtis Kaiser requested a 7 percent increase, across the board for trash services.  The 2013 budget did not include a 7 percent increase so the increase will start in January, 2014.  Nixon moved to approve the three year contract with the 7 percent increase to start in January 2014.  D. Hubbard seconded with all in favor.
Dennis and Jane Dreiling would like to start a building project and had questions for the council.  It was placed on the September agenda.
D. Hubbard moved to accept the Zoning Board’s recommended approval of the rezoning request from “Residential” to “Business” for the property at 316 Main Street. Michaelis seconded with all in favor.  Schneweis moved to adopt the finding of fact as submitted.  Michaelis seconded with all in favor. C. Hubbard moved to adopt Ord #13-0812, which adds the North 10.5 feet of Lot 19 and all of lots 20, 21 and 22, in block 2 of the city to the description of the business district of the city.  D Hubbard seconded with all in favor.
Darin Martin is beginning his third year with the city.  D. Hubbard moved to give him a 4 percent raise, Schneweis seconded with all in favor.
If street repair is not as much as budgeted, Hayes will do some work on curbs and gutters on Main St.
After discussion, the council instructed Hayes to talk to the state about what can be done to abate the flooding on K-4.  The council will discuss again in September.