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City of Claflin meeting minutes
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CLAFLIN —The governing body of the City of Claflin met in regular session, at 7 p.m. on Monday February 10 in the city building.  Present were: Mayor Michael Urban, Councilpersons Kirk Schneweis,  Doug Hubbard, Kelly Nixon, Dan Michaelis and Casey Hubbard.  Also present:  City Attorney Robert Suelter, City Clerk Patricia Schmidt, Robert Gunder, Pat Schneweis, Joyce Mooney and Curtis Wolf.
D. Hubbard moved, Nixon seconded, with all in favor, to approve the minutes of the Jan. 13, 2014 council meeting.
 Curtis Wolf, site manager at the Kansas Wetlands Education Center, gave an update on what’s going on at the KWEC.  The number of contacts in 2013 showed a decrease.  He feels this was due to the drought and hopes to have more contacts in 2014.  Plans are being made to update the exhibits.  
Legalize ATVs was moved to the March agenda.
A company has shown some interest in leasing a couple of rooms for offices, at the old grade school.  The city attorney will make sure this does not affect the city’s tax exempt status.  Discussion will continue at the March council meeting.
There was also discussion on designating a room to be used as a public access room.  This was tabled to the March meeting.
At this time, neither the city nor the recreation center will be pay anything for the repairs done to the tennis court at the park.  Placed on the March agenda.
Applications and job descriptions were discussed.  The council instructed the city superintendent and the pool manager to write up a job description for the assistant pool manager.    Also need to keep a record of all training done at the pool.  Continued to the March meeting.
Nixon moved to authorize the Mayor to sign the letter in support of the Claflin Housing Authority’s decision to sell the housing complex.  C Hubbard seconded with all in favor.
This summary of the minutes is subject for approval at the next council meeting.