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City of Claflin meets
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CLAFLIN — The governing body of the City of Claflin met in regular session, Jan. 10 at 7 p.m. in the city building. Present were: Mayor Curtis Nelson, Council persons Kirk Schneweis, Dan Michaelis, Leon Oberle and Mike Urban. Also present: City Attorney Bob Suelter, City Clerk Patricia Schmidt, Robert Gunder, Richard Hayes, Curtis Wolf, Murine Prosser and Pete and Lois Krier.

Curtis Wolf, site manager at the Kansas Wetlands Education Center, gave an update on what’s going on at the KWEC. He plans to give regular updates to foster a relationship between the city and the wetlands and to identify strategies to maximize the KWEC’s effectiveness to educate the public about the wetlands and their importance to this area.

Prosser has received some information on how to set up a Chamber. She has some information on a "Pride" Program. She also had some questions concerning some of the events associated with the "All School Reunion."

A bid for a pressure control system, was given to the council. After much discussion, it was tabled until the July 2011 council meeting.

Urban moved to accept the bid for $1,489.68, for the chlorination system for well 6. Schneweis seconded with all in favor.

The police chief has issued several citations for junk vehicles.

Urban would like to see the city start proceedings on the bad housing/garages etc. put on the February agenda.

Michaelis moved, Urban seconded with all in favor to approve the following budgeted transfers:

•General Fund to Capital Improvement $3,500

•Water Fund to Water Reserve Fund $5,000

•General Fund to Equipment Reserve $3,500

•Sewer Fund to Sewer Reserve $5,000

•Michaelis moved in favor of a 2 percent Cost Of Living raise. It died for lack of a second.