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Council approves changes to utility connection fees; shutoffs
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HOISINGTON — The Hoisington City Council approved at its Monday meeting, Ordinance 1457 establishing regulations and fees utility services. The fee for establishing electrical service is $100, and the fee for establishing water service is $50. The person requesting utility service must provide a proof of ownership or a rental lease agreement in addition to a government issued photo identification.

If the account is not paid in a timely manner and is placed on the city’s shut-off list, the first time reconnect fee is $35, the second is $70 and the third is $100. Once the account is placed on the shut-off list, the reconnection fees must be paid whether the utilities have been physically disconnected.

In addition, utility accounts will only be allowed two extensions per year.

The city will also adopt a utility level pay program. The average level payment will be calculated each month by taking an average of the 12 previous months plus a factor determined by the City Clerk. To be eligible for this program, the customer must have a good payment record.

For customers with a good payment record, and who have had an account with the city for 24 months, and have not had a late payment, late charges may be waived once in a 24 month period. The waiver does not apply to reconnection fees or other fees.

In other business, the council approved the transient guest tax. The tax will levy five percent on the gross receipt for sleeping accommodations in Hoisington.

The city will begin the process of having its website upgraded. The council approved the setup of a demo from I-Gov.

The council would like the site to be user-friendly, allow for a city calender, post documents, take complaints, offer surveys and enhance the user experience from the city’s current site.

Due to upgrades in Barton County and Hoisington, first responders will need to upgrade their existing radios to narrow-band capable radios within the next couple of months.,The upgrades will involve a significant investment of time and money.

The vending contract for the pop machine at the city building was discussed. Don Doerschlag and Central Amusements will replace the existing machine. The Central Amusements machine is not as new as the existing machine, but would provide a higher percentage of revenue to the city.