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Distinguished Citizen named
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Ellinwood Rotary Club member Larry Panning recognized the Distinguished Citizen, Richard Kimple at the Valentines Day event at Grove Park on Thursday night. - photo by KAREN LA PIERRE

ELLINWOOD — Long-time Ellinwood resident Richard Kimple has been named the Rotary Club’s “Distinguished Citizen” at the club’s annual Valentine’s Banquet on a cool, crisp late winter evening.
The 1992 winner, Larry Panning, presented the award and read the nominating letter. Panning was also on the nominating committee.
“Richard Kimple exemplifies the spirit of Ellinwood through his dedicated support of community and school activities, and his sincere love of all things Ellinwood,” the nominating letter said. “As a successful businessman, Kimple has used his resources to impact community projects, giving of his time and personal assets to ensure their success.”
The letter also said that Kimple has been an avid supporter of the arts and has been a performer in several community theater productions and has financially sponsored both community school theater events.
He continues to attend high school events and is a part of the Ellinwood Chamber of Commerce. He is active in the  Ellinwood Area Enterprises and serves on the local hospital board, Farmers Mutual Insurance board and has been involved in civic organizations including the Rotary Club, American Legion and is on the Barton County Community College board of trustees.
In addition, he was instrumental in establishing the Ellinwood Public Education and Library Foundation and has supported scholarships for students entering the field of Fine Arts.
Kimple said that there were others that were more deserving and that he is blessed with the loyalty the community has shown his family.
“My Dad was a firm believer in giving back,” he said. “We do some of that but not near enough.”
“I hope this doesn’t taint the history of the award,” Kimple said laughing.