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EHS collects for food bank
ell kl food
Ellinwood High School students collected and donated these items for the local food bank. The students pictured above helped set up the food.

ELLINWOOD — Ellinwood High School students collected about 650 non-perishable food items for the local food bank last week.

The drive, sponsored by EHS Student Council, challenged students to fill a paper square, three feet by three feet, located outside each teacher’s room with canned goods and other food items. If a teacher’s square was full by the end of the school day on Thursday, that teacher promised to give all of his or her students a "free day" on Friday. Seven teachers’ squares were full on Thursday, according to StuCo sponsor Bill Maddy.

Maddy said his StuCo members got the idea for the drive from students at Ellsworth High. "Once the kids heard about this at our StuCo conference, they knew it would really be a neat idea to try here," Maddy said.

"I thought the canned drive was a real success and I was very pleased with the generosity of the students", said StuCo president, Michelle Klepper. "Other students said they appreciated the free time to catch up on AR reading or homework", Klepper added.