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ELlinwood Municipal Court Docket
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Ellinwood Municipal Court Docket - Nov. 8

David Villarreal, driving while suspended, pled not guilty

Joshua Roan, defective brake lights, pled not guilty

Joshua Roan, expired drivers license, pled not guilty

Joshua Roan, no ignition interlock device, pled not guilty

Prashant Bhagwat, speeding 50/35, fine $59.50, court costs $55.50

Cody Hazard, speeding 46/35, fine $36, court costs $55.50

James Brooks, speeding 46/30 - amend to 36/30, fine $66, court costs $55.50

Gina Arevalo, speeding 41/30, failed to appear

Obed Ramos, speeding 46/35, fine $36, court costs $55.50

Seth Harrington, speeding 44/30, fne $54, court costs $55.50

Zaid Hayes, speeding 45/35, failed to appear

Seresa Arndt, illegal registration, fine $30, court costs $55.50

Tammy Hammond, speeding 47/35, fine $60, court costs $55.50

John Adams, criminal trespass, continued to Jan. 10

John Adams, assault, continued to Jan. 10

Joshua Roan, illegal transportation of liquor, pled not guilty

Carl Southerland, criminal damage to property, continued to Dec. 13

Carl Southerland, battery domestic violence, continued to Dec. 13

Miranda Allison, exhibition of speed, fine $50, court costs, $55.50

Bruce Bryant, unlawful parking of trailer, fine $25, court costs $55.50

Kevin Pekarek, battery domestic violence, found not guilty

Thomas Charles, harassment by telephone, continued to Jan. 24

Carol Smith, junked/inoperable vehicle, continued to Nov.

Tony Erskine, health nuisance, fine $500, court costs $55.50