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Ellinwood Municipal Court Docket - April 26
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Destice Clark, no insurance, dismissed - proof shown
Jeffery Wortham, fail to obey flashing red, fine $75, court costs $56
Jeffery Wortham, no drivers license in possession, dismissed - valid drivers license shown
Amanda Tucker, fail to stop at stop sign, continued to May 10
Jeff McVey, speeding 44/30, continued to June 14
Jeff McVey, no [roof of onsurance, dismissed - proof shown
Jessica Dewey, expired drivers license, fine $45, court costs $56
Jessica Dewey, inattentive driving, fine $45
Johnny Wallace, driving while suspended, pled notguilty
Patricia Berger, noisy animal, pled not guilty
Jamie Moore, no drivers license in possession, fine $45, court costs $56
Jamie Moore, no turn signal, fine $75
Erika Raya, possession of stolen property, fine $300, court costs $55.50    
Jamie Moore, interference with law enforcement officer, fine $150, court costs $56
Alexis Tracy, theft, fine $150, court costs $55.50    
Luis Guerrero Jr., drunk pedestrian, fine $45, court costs $56