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Ellinwood Recreation Commission continues with plans
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ELLINWOOD — The newly formed Ellinwood Recreation Commission has been meeting monthly and making plans for new programs that will begin after March 2014 when the city will hand over the recreation department to the ERC.
The ERC has approved a budget of $146,970 for 2013-14 and will be assessing a mill levy of three mills to residents of the Ellinwood area. Plus, the commission expects to collect $14,000 in users fees and sponsorships, according to the minutes of the July meeting.
The commission has set up an email account, and are making plans to create a web page. In addition, a post office box has been established, P.O. Box 342.
The commission approved liability insurance from EMC for $740 per year. The commission approved semi-annual payments, which will provide financial protection to the board and a linebacker policy.
The commission will begin advertising for a director in October or November to begin work Jan. 15, and they were in agreement that a background check will be required.  HRC will receive its funding stream beginning in January, 2014.
The Recreation Commission office will be located in the basement of Sunflower Bank in Ellinwood.
The commission began considering candidates for an advisory board. The purpose of the advisory board is to make sure that those who are knowledgable about a sport or activity can report to the board on skills and rule consistency of a sport, and give advice to the commission as to need improvements.
The commission has:
•Received a sales tax exemption certificate.
•Approved a fiscal year end of June 30. The organization will have its annual meeting in July.
•Begun working on a mission and vision statement.
The next meeting will be at 7 p.m. on Sept. 5 at the Ellinwood City/Community Library.