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Ellinwood school numbers up
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ELLINWOOD — Ellinwood USD 355 school district is up  22 students in the district over the headcount from last year.  That is almost a six percent increase.  
Most of the increase is at the elementary school. That building is up 18 students from last year.  Increasing enrollment is always an exciting event in a school district as it results in more total funding and represents growth in the district and community.  
Superintendent Ben Jacobs said that while trying to definitively isolate and identify one or two variables for the increase can be difficult, anecdotally the district has had some alumni move back into the community with families.  It is yet to be determined if this community growth is a trend or an anomoly; however, if even a few families with school-aged children move to the area, this can have a positive impact on the enrollment of the district.  
Jacobs also said that based on preliminary projections from our community pre-school, it appears that district enrollment might also increase over the next couple of years.  
“We will diligently monitor class size with this enrollment increase to ensure that our students receive the individual attention that is at the core successful instruction,” Jacobs said. “The district prides itself on small class sizes, and staffing will be commensurate with any changes in enrollment and programming.  We are excited and proud of the fact that the district is experiencing an increase in enrollment.  The district is well-positioned to leverage this growth to the benefit of our students.”