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Ellinwood teachers attend summer camp
ell kl teacher work day
High school teachers, from left, Sean ONeill, Carrie Feist and Kathi Dewey, met together to discuss short cuts and ways to improve work flow using iPads. The teachers met on Tuesday. - photo by KAREN LA PIERRE

ELLINWOOD — Students are not the only people who get to attend camp this summer. Fourteen teachers from Ellinwood School District attended “Ed Camp” on Tuesday.
It was not all fun and games though for the teachers who took one of their vacation days to collaborate on topics of interest concerning technology and experiences that they have had using it.
In the fall, USD 355 will roll out its full iPad initiative K-12. Every student in the district will have an iPad. A partial roll out began this spring with fifth graders and twelfth graders providing data to the district.
“It’s an “unconference,”” said Julieann Jacobs, USD 355 digital literacy. “There’s no agenda and no presentation. People collaborate. It’s a trend in professional development.”
“Teachers want to get together,” she said. This is the first time the district has held an unconference.
“It’s been a great day,” said Jacobs.
The motto of the day was, “Whatever you create, share; As soon as you learn, teach.”
Each teacher filled out a sticky note that was on the blackboard. The teachers divided into groups by grade taught. They then took a sticky note and discussed the issue.
Topics ranged from going paperless to organizing homework email from students, as well as discussions about apps. The use of iMovie was a topic of discussion.
Jacobs said the school board is committed to training and development. “The board feels teachers need help and time,” said Jacobs.
She also said the partial rollout went really well and there was no damage or discipline violations.
“I’m so excited about the iPads,” said Jacobs. “I’m so excited teachers are willing” to learn.
Fifth grade teacher Lisa Reser thought the initial iPad rollout was very successful. “The projects created were done professionally and nearly,” said Reser. “It made my life easier.
“I’m glad to get any info I can,” she said. “A person can never learn enough.”