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Former Ellinwood, GB area artists display artwork
el kl art show

Former Ellinwood,  Great Bend and Hutchinson resident Johnita Becker and her daughter Elizabeth are exhibiting a wide variety of artwork and poems at Petr’s Frame House, 2009 16th St.
With a combination of realism and abstract, the “Transitions” show holds a wide array of work, designed to provoke thought.
“The Cycle” written by 15-year-old Elizabeth, says, “You can’t always bit the hand that feeds you\You can’t always win\ Bent out of shape\Burnt to the ground; drowned in deep waters\Sliced to death\You bit the hand that feeds you. . .”
Elizabeth’s ideas for her poetry come from her own experiences. She has written books and short stories as well.
Her paintings reflect her raw spirit. “It helps me with my emotions,” Elizabeth said. She said she gets frustrated painting realistic art, and has never taken art classes.
When Elizabeth becomes an adult, she wants to stay involved with writing and painting no matter what her career turns out to be.
The gallery regularly holds free art exhibits. “The main reason is to promote art in this area and exhibit artists who have never been in a gallery,” said Petr Grigorev, artist and owner of Petr’s Frame House. “It is to encourage them to keep producing and to expose their art. I have this opportunity to help younger artists.”
On the other hand, Elizabeth’s mother, Johnita has had a lot of experience in art. She is a retired, certified art teacher.
Johnita’s inspiration for her work comes from high school and college educators. The two mentioned were retired Ellinwood teacher Edgar Sturtz from Johnita’s high school years and Barton Community College instructor Steve Dudek.
She said Sturtz taught her design and drawing from the right side of the brain. Becker is still attending class with Dudek and her paintings range from abstract to pastel portraits.
But for right now, Johnita is enjoying retirement. “I can work and enjoy (my) art,” she said.
The art will be up at the gallery for two more weeks, and there is no cost. Call 620-282-9845 for more information.