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Haitians learn new skills with sewing
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With donated fabric, these students have sewn many outfits using several sewing skills. Not only does Star of Hope work in Haiti, they also work in Eastern Elurope, Africa, Asia and Latin America. - photo by COURTESY PHOTO

ditors note: This story was written by Tony Boursiquot who is a Star of Hope employee in Haiti. His native language is French. Ellinwood's Star of Hope, a non-demonimational Christian organization that equips children across the world with schooling, physical well-being, spiritual growth and social skills.

Twenty-five students graduated from sewing class in Hesse, Haiti, which is the location of a Star of Hope They are young boys and girls, parents, adults that decided to attend sewing school in Hesse supported by Star of Hope Haiti. It is for the first time that those courageous students will have a profession to make their living after graduation.
Some of them will be going to find job in that field, while others have dream to open theirown business to work as a professional seamstress to make money. For now, none of them have a job yet, that means if Star of Hope have not offered this class for free to those students they would not be able to attend sewing class to be a seamstress or tailor. They would not have money to buy fabric to practice sewing in class work or  homework.
As Star of Hope provides free fabric to the students, they are able make as many samples of dress model they learn after each lesson. Either Star of Hope buys fabric or receives donation of pieces of fabric to give to the students.
The last time Star of Hope received donated fabrics for the class was in March this year. It was a bag full of different pieces of fabrics that was very welcome and useful.
For practice all pieces are cut as small it could be. Not only students are making dresses for practicing in a small scale to save fabric but also to use any small piece fabric of different color to make collar, pocket, leaves, belt, etc.
It is to say that all donated fabric pieces that we received have been used and have been greatly appreciated by the 25 students.