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HHS students paint school fight song on school wall
hoi kl fight ong paintingjpg

HOISINGTON — Hoisington High School art students, Amber Karst, Kayla Reisner, Presley Smith, Brennan Knapp, Tana Hickel, and Kim Harper have painted the school fight song on the school wall.
During a “How to Reinvent Old School décor brainstorming” session in Christine Lamoureaux’s Graphic Design class, seniors, Amber Karst and Kayla Reisner came up with the idea to paint the fight song on the wall. Recalling the lyrics for the traditional fight song had been challenged by the Principal, Meg Wilson, to became more a part of pep rallies for 2012-2013 school year. The student body have demonstrated success in meeting that challenge.
The graphic design students decided to use the idea of painting on the wall and developed a plan. Students discussed the issue of the traditional fight song being nostalgic, but many decades old and has a somewhat gender biased language yet its historical precedence validated the design.
The gym entry way has nostalgic features including a dark wood ticket booth built into the wall. Students designed the appropriate font on the computer using the computer program Illustrator. They then printed the lyrics and taped them sequentially leading from the gym doors up the stair way.
After approving the overall look, the students traced the design, primed and carefully painted the letters red and black.