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HHS students recognized
hoi kl core
The following students were nominated by the HHS staff for living the Cardinal Core, which are attitudes of responsibility, grit, honesty, positive attitudes and respect. The students chose the Core Values. Pictured back row is Steffen Dolechek, Ethan Woodcock, Cody Richter, Garrett Tindall and Billy Martin; and front row, Melissa Stout, Olivia Lowry, Kelsey Brummer and Ashley Lockwood.

HOISINGTON — Each of the following students at Hoisington High School were recognized for leadership skills and following the school’s core values.  They were:
•Garrett Tindall’s positive attitude and leadership skills have served his class well as he understands the importance of his position of senior class president.  He is often observed helping others including helping a freshman pick up his books in the hallway during his first week at school.  
•Cody Richter provides a responsible role model for the cardinal student body serving as a Link Crew leader and as vice president of the senior class. Cody demonstrates the grit to keep on top of his school work and his very active schedule as well as provide support for the office staff serving as an office aid.
•Olivia Lowry exemplifies the spirit behind a positive attitude through her creative ideas to improve school spirit and involve other organizations!  Through her leadership role in KAY, Olivia spearheaded the back to school dance as well as organized the Eagle car bash for homecoming.  
•Billy Maze is new to HHS and demonstrates daily that he has the positive attitude of the cardinal core values.  Billy has been observed helping other students to understand the meaning and pronunciation of unfamiliar words in nutrition and wellness class.  
•Ashley Lockwood has taken on the responsibility to assist the freshmen in their P.E. class as part of her independent study. Ashley keeps a positive attitude toward her classwork, her very busy schedule, and is mentoring as a Link Crew leader.
•Ethan Woodcock often extends his school day by spending countless hours working for our school’s video productions class on evenings and weekends. Ethan exemplifies responsibility and grit as he works hard to keep up with his classwork and his rigorous schedule.
•Kelsey Brummer has shown responsibility and grit.  She has not been able to participate in Recreational Sports class or play volleyball but has been active by helping out with attendance as well as putting information into the computer and assisting the volleyball managers.
•Melissa Stout has entered her freshman displaying great work ethic and the positive attitude to stay on top of all of her class work.    Melissa is extremely busy with cheer, band and competes in a busy tennis schedule.
•Steffan Dolechek has displayed respect and honesty as he steps up in his classes to take on a positive leadership role.  He is confident to just do the right thing in class and is very respectful of his class members.  Steffan’s is a freshman.