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Hoisington City Council unanimously approves new trash service providing single stream recycling
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HOISINGTON — The Hoisington City Council unanimously approved a service agreement with Stutzman Refuse Disposal Inc. out of south Hutchinson to provide solid waste and recycling services for the community. The agreement will start April 15.
“The council is very excited and were unanimous in their decision to move forward,” said City Manager Jonathan Mitchell.
Residents will “continue to billed through the city,” said Mitchell. “From a billing perspective, it will be very similar.”
Each residential customer will soon receive a card asking them if they want a 65 gallon cart or a 95 gallon cart for solid waste. The 65 gallon cart trash pickup will cost $12.62 per month.
The 95 gallon cart trash pickup will cost $14.52 per month.
Trash pickup will be once per week. In addition, each customer will receive a 95 gallon cart for recyclables, which will be picked up every other week.
Mitchell emphasized that it is important for customers to return the card if they want the 65 gallon cart. If the card is not returned, the 95 gallon cart will be the default container.
Items that can be recycled include glass, aluminum cans, tin cans, aerosol cans, plastics #1-7, books, flattened cardboard boxes, newspaper and magazines. It will not have to be sorted.
They do not want Styrofoam, plastic bags or shredded paper because they cause jamming and severe damage to the recycling equipment. Also, no electronics, ceramics or hazardous waste is allowed in the recyclable container.
“They will deliver new containers in the near future,” said Mitchell. “They make it easy to recycle.”
Mitchell and several members of the council toured Stutzman’s recycling facility. “It’s a pretty slick process,” Mitchell said.
Stutzman has the largest recycling facility in the state of Kansas. It is one of the few that takes glass.
“It’s easy and responsible and extends the life of the landfill,” said Mitchell. “We’re putting less in the ground.”
The contract with Stutzman is exclusive and regular trash must be picked up by that company.

Mitchell also said that the company would like to offer tours to school children.
Stutzman will host the Hoisington Chamber of Commerce coffee at 9:30 a.m. on Thursday at the Hoisington city offices. The company will display its truck and offer residents an opportunity to ask questions.