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Hoisington High School honors Cardinal Core
hoi kl Cardinal Core
Hoisington High School students representing the Cardinal Core are, back row, Justin Umphrey, Desmond Noah, Spencer Romeiser, Tagan Brown, Billy Maze, Brennan Knapp, Taylor Crawford; and front row, Taryn Radenberg, Passion Martinez, Kayleigh Bitter, Kylie Broeder, Kayla Reisner, Devan Donovan, Amber Karst and Katy Barrett. (not pictured is Sydney Crawford) - photo by COURTESY PHOTO

The following students showed their service and responsibility to the community by giving up their Saturday to deliver phone books around the community. For this reason, they were honored as the Cardinal Core at Hoisington High.  
They showed their determination and grit by setting a goal of getting all books delivered within 8 hours.  With help of parents, this was accomplished.  This team of students has continued to volunteer their time throughout the week to deliver the remaining phone books.   Sydney Crawford, Amber Karst, Kayla Reisner, Taryn Radenberg, Brennan Knapp, Katy Barrett, Justin Umphrey, Passion Martinez, Kayleigh Bitter, Kylie Broeder, Billy Maze, Devan Donovan, Spencer Romeiser, Tagan Brown,Taylor Crawford and Desmond Noah.