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Hoisington requests trees overhanging streets be trimmed
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HOISINGTON — At its regular meeting on Monday night, the Hoisington City Council discussed ways to encourage citizens with low hanging trees branches over public streets to trim back those trees.
Current city code states that trees should not overhang any sidewalk lower than eight feet from the surface, and any street lower than 14 from the street. City Manager Jonathan Mitchell has received numerous complaints about branches obstructing visibility or scraping vehicles. The council will discuss this more at a future meeting.
Adams, Brown, Beran and Ball gave an audit report for the city for 2011. They would like the city to have more double checks on bank reconciliation, journal entries and disbursements.
Mitchell said that they made recommendations that are doable with  the staff.
In other business, Mitchell reported that there have been landscape violations at the cemetery.  One suggestion made was to post the rules at the cemetery. The council tabled the discussion.
The council also discussed the 800 amp busway at the Roto-Mix plant. The cost of the improvement would be $32,045. Mitchell will approach Roto-Mix to see if they will split the cost.
The council discussed at length golf carts and micro-utility trucks after dark on city streets.
In his report, Mitchell said:
•The next Hoisington Utility Task Force Meeting will be at 10:30 a.m. on Sept. 11 at the city building.
•The water treatment plant went down last week due to a solenoid that should be in this week.  It was not a part of the water upgrades.
•The zoning commission met on Monday as well, recommending that the Mobile Home Park be rated a R1, which is single family development. The E-Community approved a$2,500 for rezoning the area.
•Progress is being made with the Subway restaurant. Subway is scheduled to take possession Oct. 1 and will take 60-90 days to turnaround.
•Eight benches have been installed on Main Street.