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Malt Shop
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The Ellinwood High School Mystic Blues recently performed, Meet Me at the Malt Shop and served dessert to patrons afterwards. They performed such songs as Rockin Robin, My Girl, and Jailhouse Rock. Also new this year was La Voce, a select womens ensemble. Members of Mystic Blues are Bailey Baird, Steven Cortez, Drew Dannar, Rachael Dickson, Kynlee Doll, Rachel Doll, Elizabeth Frakes, Keaton Goering, Shiani Hughes, Avery Pike, Katelyn Robinson, Alex Robl, Rachel Schloctermeier, Wyatt Smith, Mary Beth Thill, Quincy Williams and Slade Zamarripa. Members of la Voce are Yajaira Briseno, Dessie Clark, Elizabeth Frakes, Regan Mosier, Hunter Pemberton, Rachel Schloctermeier, Haley Schwager, and Betsy Snell.