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Middle school teams
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The Ellinwood Middle School Boys A Basketball team are holding their first place medals at the MCAA Middle Schools Boys Basketball Tournament on Jan. 14 which was held in Ellinwood. From left to right are Coach Lyles Lashley, Ricky Pray, Gavin Vink, Josiah Duncan, Marc Waite, Theron Sjogren, Caleb Schartz, Zak Pflughoeft, and Coach Mark Penka. The four teams competing in the tournament were the Hays Kennedy Fighting Irish, the Larned Indians, Hoisington Cardinals and Ellinwood Eagles. There were three divisions for the Middle School Boys A,B, and C teams. The Ellinwood A boys played the Hays Kennedy team in the first round of the tournament, and won by nine points, 36-27. The following night, the Ellinwood Eagles were matched against the Larned Indians, playing in the Championship round. The Eagles won in an exciting overtime thriller, clinching 1st place in the tournament - photo by COURTES PHOTO