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Miss Sally gets lazy

Miss Sally Wolf sprawled in bed in the Bed and Breakfast area of the Historic Wolf Hotel,  hunched over her cell phone and eating potato chips. She hadn’t moved all day.
When her friend Chris walked up, she hid the phone the covers and pulled the blankets up to her neck.
“Miss Sally who are you texting?” Chris said.
“My new friend Hunk,” she said.
Miss Sally had been lying in bed so long  that there was now a groove in the mattress. In fact, the bed was beginning to sag at that end.
“They’re sure making clothes smaller than they used to,” she said, as she pulled uncomfortably at her waistline.
Chris said, “Miss Sally, it’s not good to lie around and text all day. You need to get up, get some fresh air, go for a walk and go downstairs to greet people instead of texting.”
 As he sat down Miss Sally pushed the phone further under her night dress.
She didn’t look at him. “Miss Sally, you aren’t taking naughty pictures of yourself are you?”
She stared down at the floor and refused to meet his eyes.
“Um no,” she said coughing.
“Miss Sally you have to be careful about that type of thing. You are neglecting your job. Pictures can be used against you forever, especially when you begin to look for a new job,” said Chris. “Please go downstairs and get to work.”
At first, Miss Sally was mad, Mad, MAD.
However, she thought about it for awhile, decided Chris was right, and went to work downstairs.