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New director hired for HAC
hoi kl goodheart

HOISINGTON — A new director, Scott Goodheart, has been hired for the Hoisington Activity Center.
Goodheart grew up in Otis and attended schools at Otis-Bison, where his father is the principal. He went to Pratt Community College for two years and graduated from K-State in May, majoring in the social sciences and minoring in leadership and geography.
Rae Ann Hayes, the former director, has been helping him adjust to his new job. “It’s been nice having her around with the transition,” he said. Hayes completed her last day and has moved to western Kansas.
As far as his experience, Goodheart said he has been a recreation director all of his life. He’s been involved in sports, youth sports, and played a wide variety of sports in high school.
“Sports were a large part of my family,” he said. “Growing up, I would go with my dad as he officiated throughout the state. Every since I can remember, if I was able to kick, hit, throw or shoot it, I was involved in it. Dad was also a coach for me as well, playing football.
“I worked with the Kansas City Chiefs for an internship during two training camps in St. Joseph, Mo. and was able to attend a preseason game in Baltimore with the team and staff.”
He also worked as a visiting clubhouse attendant and home clubhouse attendant at Arrowhead Stadium.
His vision for HAC is to continue on. “Rae Ann left a great foundation,” said Goodheart. HAC is a great facility with great potential, he added.
Something the new director would like to see is a Babe Ruth tournament come to town, not only for the sports, but for economic development.
He would like to impart to young people that sports are not all about winning, but about teamwork and a work ethic.
Goodheart is happy to be back in central Kansas. “I’ve always wanted to come back home. My family is close, and I have several friends who are back in the area,” said Goodheart.  “It’s amazing how kids may spend 18 years in an area and can’t wait to get out, and I was excited about the opportunity that arose for me  to get back to home.”
“I grew up in a farming community, so I’ve always found it relaxing to work ground or field work during my spare time,” the director said.
As far as hobbies go, Goodheart has been very active with the Rush County Fair as a volunteer, Otis-Bison All-School Reunion and Alumni Association, and is a Knights of Columbus member. He has officiated basketball and enjoys spending time with friends, family, nieces, nephews and his girlfriend.
Now that he is in charge, Goodheart can admit to being sent to the principal’s office. “I had a time or two in the principals office,” said Goodheart. “Growing up with a dad as a principal-I enjoyed this due to spending more time with him and it developed our relationship to being very close between us.”
Goodheart lives in Otis. He is the son of Jane and Mark Goodheart.