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Six Pack Volleyball Club finishes season
ell kl group of 8
Pictured are the 13-1 Regional Championship team: top l to r: Breckyn Rowley, Trista Wilt, Baylee Holecek, Abby McReynolds; bottom l to r: Baylee Beck, Taylor Oeser, Jade Mountain, and Camryn Dunekack.

ELLINWOOD — The Six Pack Volleyball Club finished their long season with not one, or two, but three of their teams on the top of the region that spans from Goodland, to Liberal, to Kearney, to St. Louis.  
Each age group has anywhere from 84 to 189 teams.  
Rankings are based on win/loss record as well as the competition played.  The 10-1, 12, and 13-1 year old teams were ranked number one for the entire season while the 14-1 team was in the top 3 all season, the 10-2 team was number 4 all season, and the 17-year-old team was ranked in the top 6 until their last two tournaments.
The 12 and 14-1 year old team traveled to Kansas City for their Regional Championship tournament on March 23.  Both teams went undefeated on the day and finished 1st in their pools setting them both up for a great chance to take the tournament title after bracket play on the 24th. Unfortunately a snow storm came through town canceling the 2nd day of play leaving both teams in a tie for 1st. The 12-year-old team finished their season with 81 set wins and only 2 set loses with an undefeated season of 32 matches. The 14-1 team finished with a record of 81 set wins and 13 set loses.
The 13-1 team traveled to their regional championship tournament on April 6-7 also in Kansas City. This team had been playing in 14-year-old tournaments and hadn’t lost a single match all year. They went undefeated also on both days of the regional championships to take 1st place overall.  Their final record was 97 set wins and 6 set loses with only these loses coming against 14-year-old teams and 51 match wins and no match loses.
The 10-2 team ended their season ranked 4th, the 11 team was 41st, the 13-2 team was 42nd, the 14-2 team was 57th, and the 17 year old team was 13th.  There was a total of 70 athletes competing for 4 months on the 9 Six Pack teams.