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Students prepare for national conference
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ELLINWOOD — Five Ellinwood High School students will attending the national convention of the Future Business Leaders of America at the end of June in Orlando, Florida.

The organization is only in its second year.

Those attending will be Shelbi Trarbach, Spreadsheet Applications, Desktop Publishing, Entrepreneurship; Rachel Morales Computer Applications; Entrepreneurship; Kit Felke, Desktop Publishing; Chelsea Churchill, Helping Hands for Haiti - Partnership with Business Project, Kayla Schartz Helping Hands for Haiti. The goal of the group is to raise $8,056.

Lorie Betts, faculty advisor, said, "We have a fabulous group of high school students. They are enthusiastic, have a vision to succeed, and have been a joy to work with.

"They have become more confident," Betts said. "They are not afraid to speak in front of groups now and can make a cold call.

She added that the students were to ask if they could speak at an organization, and they were learning to network in a professional manner. "All of the contacts will benefit the in the future," said the teacher.

Student, Kayla Schartz and co-chair Chelsea Churchill worked on the "Helping Hands for Haiti" project. The students did several sub-projects as a part of the main project.

"We sent them fleeced tied blankets for babies," said Schartz. Fifty blankets were made and tied by FBLA members. The fabric was purchased with donations sought by Schartz and Churchill.

The second project was a collection of flat cotton fabric. The girls collected 139 pounds of fabric which was donated.

The third section of their project as a treadle sewing machine. The students raised $500 to purchase the machine which will be used in sewing class in Haiti. The Haitian group will start a business with the materials.

Finally, 106 water purification kits were donated to help curbed the outbreak of cholera in Haiti. Each kit cost $2 and will purify six to eight gallons of water.

For her project in desktop publishing, Kit Felker prepared a flyer, a doorhanger and advertising for a business. Shelbi Trarbach created advertising, and logos complete with a menu. Finally, Rachel Morales created a spreadsheet with graphs,a database and mail merge.