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Superior Essex recognizes employee
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HOISINGTON — Superior Essex of Hoisington is announced the latest recipient of the STAR Employee Recognition Award. Kent Schremmer, scrap operator, was named the first quarter 2014 STAR Employee and will be treated to a dinner in his honor, a customized gift pack, a plaque, and STAR Employee parking privileges.
The Superior Essex STAR Recognition Award Program is designed to recognize STAR employees (Superior Teamwork Attitude and Results) for their outstanding teamwork, service, attitude, performance, and commitment to achieving the Plant’s goals. One award is given quarterly to an outstanding employee, and the selection is based on peer nominations.
Kent has worked at Superior Essex since April 1984. According to his nomination “he consistently demonstrates all of the qualities expected of a ‘STAR’ employee such as high work quality, work ethic, safe work practices, initiative, attitude, teamwork, volunteerism, mentoring skills, patience, and dependability. Kent is one of the hardest working employees in the plant, and you never see him when he is not busy. He works overtime whenever asked, and he works with everyone really well. He is one of those employees you like working with because he keeps a good attitude and will stay until the job is done. He follows the plant safety rules and he will show you anything in his area to help you understand how he does his work. You can’t find an employee in the plant that demonstrates more dedication, hard work, and dependability than Kent. He deserves the award because he works hard and is dependable. He shows a willingness to help other employees and never takes advantage of others. A STAR employee is one that works to meet the plant goals and keeps a positive and supportive attitude while doing so……….that’s Kent over and over.”
Mike Klepper, plant manager, said, “Kent is a model employee who demonstrates a solid work ethic and contributes greatly to the overall success of the plant. He is very willing to help others and is one of the most dependable employees in the plant. Based upon his commitment, work ethic and dedication, Kent is an excellent choice for the first quarter STAR employee award.”