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Third graders make thankfulness turkey
ell kl turkey

ELLINWOOD — The featherless construction paper turkey at Ellinwood Grade School regained his plumage when third graders brought back to school uniquely designed feathers, each distinct with the personality of the family and child just in time for the holiday.

"Every member (of the family) has to make an entry unless they are unable to write," like a baby sister or brother, said Lindell Redington, third grade teacher. "By far, this year has exceptional variety."

The students received an assignment to take a feather home, and work with their families to create a thankfulness feather. The students and families were thankful for food, family and friends, and even a phone.

The construction paper feathers have decorations ranging from beads to hunting feathers to stickers, ranging in theme from rustic to bling. The children were free to choose the decorations, which included hobbies to favorite things.

"Each one shows personalities at home," said Principal Eric Sjogren.

Third grade teachers, Redington and Sheri Holmes, plan the assignment annually. It has become a tradition in its eighth year.

"They are always creative," said Holmes. "I’ve never seen two turkeys that looked the same."

The idea behind the assignment is to get the kids to think about how fortunate they are. It is a part of the wellness unit, which focuses on healthy minds and healthy attitudes.