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Trophy winners
ell kl forensics
Members of the Ellinwood High Sschool Forensics Team earned a trophy for 2nd place in team sweepstakes at the Kingman Invitational on Sat., Jan. 28. The team also earned eleven individual medals in their first outing of the season. Connor Birzer won Original Oration and placed 2nd in Poetry Interpretation. Shiani Hughes won Serious Solo Acting, and Rachel Schloctermeier placed 2nd in Informative Speaking. Jenna Snell placed 2nd in Original Oration. Hannah Billinger placed 4th in Humorous Solo Acting and 6th in Extemporaneous Speaking. Hannah Maddy placed 3rd in Informative Speaking and 5th in Humorous Solo Acting. Jenna Collins and Megan Orndoff placed 6th in Duet Acting. The team will travel to Sterling on Feb. 4. They are coached by Julie Ann Jacobs and assisted by Angela Pe - photo by COURTESY PHOTO