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Veg-out with vegetables class held
hoi kl veggies
A class was held in Hoisington this week by the Barton County Extension Agents for those interested in learning more about healthy eating and cooking. Approximately 30 people attended the event. - photo by KAREN LA PIERRE

HOISINGTON — Barton County Extension Agent Donna Krug and Rena Barrett held a class in Hoisington on new ways to cook fresh vegetables.

"Half of your plate should be fruit and vegetables, one-fourth should be grains and one-fourth should be protein," said Krug. She encouraged eating colorful vegetables for good nutrition.

Participants in the class were able to sample sauteed and stir fried vegetables, as well as roasted okra, squash casserole and zucchini chocolate cake. The roasted okra, squash casserole and cake were all hits.

To provide some variety, Krug encouraged cooks to squeeze in lime juice and eat vegetables that have crunch. She also encouraged sampling new vegetables such as grated Daikon radish grated on top of vegetables.

Krug also clued the group in on buying organic vegetables. "An organic label starts with a number 9," she said.

Teddy Williamson, from the Hoisington Community Garden gave an update an on the vegetables grown in the garden. "We’ve given 33 pounds of cabbage, 23 pounds of squash, 75 pounds of potatoes and 15 pounds of okra to the food bank," she said.