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Broadway-Harrison interim change discussed
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City Engineer Robert Winiecke will announce later when the next public comment session will be held, dealing with the plans to install traffic signals at Broadway and Harrison.
However the first comment session went well Monday night, he reported and an interim change to that intersection will be considered, he reported.
Winiecke said the discussion at the meeting, which was attended by about 18 local residents, along with some of the members of the Great Bend City Council, included the option of moving ahead with the planned left turn lane for westbound traffic on Broadway as a first step.
The left turn lane for westbound traffic on Broadway will still be needed even if traffic signals are installed, so doing the lane first will help to address driving issues at the intersection. There are already turn lanes for all other directions of travel, the city engineer added.
Winiecke reported earlier to the city council that the traffic patterns and accidents at that intersection did not, in Kansas Department of Transportation standards, meet the requirements for traffic signals.
The intersection did meet stipulations for a four-way stop sign arrangement, or for a round-about, and the state would assist in funding for a round-about.
Those alternatives had already been dismissed by the city and the council had agreed that it would use city funds to pay for the traffic signals if KDOT was not going to help.
Winiecke also reported earlier that a study of the accidents at this intersection indicated that they majority were side-impact wrecks, and he said a traffic signal would not have avoided those.
The details of the next comment session will be announced later, he noted.