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Candidates vie for city, school posts
General election set for April 2
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The residents of Barton County will cast their ballots for a host of city, school and other officials come the general election Tuesday, April 2. The candidates had to register by Tuesday and there was no need for a primary.
Below is a list of those who filed provided by the Barton County Clerk’s Office.
City elections
Great Bend
(Mayor and four City Council positions)
Mike Allison, Great Bend
Randy S. Myers, Great Bend
Mitchell K. Haney, Ward 1, Great Bend
Edwin O. Roberts, Ward 1, Great Bend
Wayne Henneke, Ward 2 3719 23rd St. Great Bend
Thomas Boor, Ward 3, Great Bend
Allene Owen, Ward 3, Great Bend
Dana C. Dawson, Ward 4, Great Bend

(Mayor and four City Council positions)
Clayton Williamson, Hoisington
Gerald Donovan, Ward 1, Hoisington
Michael F. Aylward, Ward 2, Hoisington
Dean Andereck, Ward 3, Hoisington
Christina R. Smith, Ward 4, Hoisington

(Mayor and two City Council positions)
Frank A. Koelsch, Ellinwood
Alan M. Brauer, Ellinwood
Irlan Fullbright, Ellinwood
Kenneth A. Lebbin, Ellinwood

(Three City Council positions)
Doug Hubbard, Claflin
Richard Tennant, Claflin
Kelly M. Nixon, Claflin
Kirk Schneweis, Claflin
Leon Oberle, Claflin

(Mayor and five City Council positions)
No filings
Martheda (Marty) Hanhardt, Albert

(Mayor and five City Council positions)
Steve Wilhelm, Galatia
Gary Anschutz, Galatia
Dennis L. Funk, Galatia
Michael Guertin, Galatia
Kevin Polzin, Galatia
David H. Strecker, Galatia

(Three City Council positions)
Kevin Bahr, Olmitz

Pawnee Rock
(Mayor and three City Council positions)
Gary L. Adams, Pawnee Rock
Galen L. Zortman, Pawnee Rock
Vickie Alsup, Pawnee Rock
Barry A. Jack, Pawnee Rock
Nickolle Parret, Pawnee Rock
Chasity Tower, Pawnee Rock

(Mayor and five City Council Positions)
Mayor and council, no filings
School elections
Barton County Community
College Board of Trustees
(Three positions at large)
Leonard F. Bunselmeyer Jr., Great Bend
Don Learned, Great Bend
John E. Moshier, Hoisington

Unified School District 428,
Great Bend
(Three positions at large)
Joyce Carter, Great Bend
Larry G. Kutina, Great Bend
Kevin Mauler, Great Bend

USD 431, Hoisington
(Positions 2, 4, 5 and 6)
Don Fisher, Position 2, Hoisington
Sara Tarlton, Position 4, Hoisington
Steven Ray Little, Position 5, Hoisington
Maggie McCain Alderdice , Position 6, Hoisington

USD 355, Ellinwood
(Three positions at large)
Stephen L. Billinger, Ellinwood
Janice Birzer, Ellinwood
Ronda Sjogren, Ellinwood

Ellinwood Hospital District
(Two positions open)
Diann O’Neal, Ellinwood
Joyce Schulte, Ellinwood